FirstCry Intellitots Preschool Pre-Primary 1 Program

(4 to 5 year-olds)

The Pre-Primary 1 program is specially designed for children between the ages of 4 and 5, focusing on introducing basic concepts and initiating their learning journey. We emphasize the beginnings of literacy, as children start to learn letters and words. Along with this, basic math and science concepts are introduced, to enhance their understanding of the world and daily life concepts. Special attention is given to nurturing social skills, and preparing children for concept-based learning as they progress to Pre-Primary 2, where they will build upon this.

Language Skill Development

A command over vocabulary can be attained only through regular language practices and usage. Through several series of activities such as storytelling & retelling, show-n-tell, reading, role play, recitation, and more, the ability to communicate and transcribe thoughts into words is strengthened. This lays a very sound foundation for fluency and communication skills.

Personal, Socio-Emotional Skill Development

Positive social behaviour is the key to maintaining a healthy peer group. Being sensitive and respectful to others, good manners and self-control are some skills which are inculcated with the help of value-based learning. These play a major role in all aspects of the child's life and future. 

Fine Motor Skill Development

Writing, picking up & placing objects, stringing items and so on revolve around the use of small muscles of the fingers and hand. The essence of developing these skills largely impacts the ability of a child to write, turn pages, and improves dexterity and control over many day to day activities that children will now begin to perform independently. Active engagement of children in activities like these encourages the use of these muscles and strengthens them simultaneously.

Cognitive Skill Development

Enquiry-based learning, stimulates the use of neurons and triggers the child’s ability to reason and question the order of things in the environment. To develop this, teachers ask open-ended questions that help children understand the sequence of events, allowing them to think critically and creatively.

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    1580 reviews

    Bhanu Sukhija

    This is a perfect play school for kids everyone is very co operative and well mannered including support staff. Well educated teachers its a 2nd home for kids. My daughter loves it and its the best decision to send her to Firstcry Intellitots Preschool

    Neha Mamidala

    Very cordial staff.. and very spacious kids will enjoy their play time.I’m overwhelmed to see my sons learning’s and knowledge.. Kudos to all the teachers and the efforts they put in and also the staff who handle kids with atmost care.Now, I’m confident my son will be taken care 🙂

    Prachi Vijay

    Best play school ever in Patna, huge playing space, big classrooms, courteous and talented teachers, safe and happy place for kids. Must visit everyone, proud that my child is having the world class facility in this preschool in Rajeev nagar, Patna.

    Tanmaya Gupta

    Very Good school with special attention given to child. Teachers and supporting staffs are doing great job. My daughter want to go to school even on weekends.Thankyou Firstcry Intellitots for making my child feel like second home.

    Sarika Jain

    Preschool has great environment and my daughter really looks forward going to school everyday. Teachers and supporting staff always welcome kids with warm smile and ensures kids are comfortable. Overall curriculum meets expectations and teachers are trying their best to follow the same.