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The COVID Pandemic is now infecting children and your child must stay safe at home. At the same time, your child SHOULD NOT MISS SCHOOL.

Social interaction is critical for development

WHO approves up to 1 hour of daily screen time for children

Teachers are experts that children need for learning

At FirstCry Intellitots, we get the challenges parents face, and our Online Preschool options address this

Flexible Continuity

Start online preschool now and shift to physical preschool when it starts.

Flexible Class Options

Opt for 1:10 class size or for recorded lessons that you can view at your convenience

Our Programs

Regular Live class

( 1:10 )

  • Daily 45 mins - 1 hour live classes
  • 1:10 Teacher-student ratio
  • Social interaction with teacher and friends
  • Regular progress tracking
  • Secure learning environment
  • Curriculum Kit + 6 Intellikit Activity Boxes - New theme each month

Anytime Access Pre-recorded Classes

  • Time flexibility - Pre-recorded lessons, available 24x7, for parents who cannot commit to a fixed schedule
  • Monthly progress tracking
  • Secure learning environment
  • Curriculum Kit + 6 Intellikit Activity Boxes - New theme each month

From Our Education Expert

Flexible Fee Plans

Choose from yearly and term payment plans

Study Material Delivered Home

Everything you need for Preschool delivered safely to your doorstep. In addition, receive tons of downloadable worksheets and 6 Intellikits with fresh monthly themes, DIYs, Storybook, Worksheets and Flash cards

Everything you need for preschool delivered safely to your doorstep. In addition to our Curriculum kit, receives tons of downloadable worksheets that make learning fun.

Customised Curriculum

Specially crafted to enable effective online learning and achieve age appropriate/school readiness milestones

Choice of Batch Size

We offer both Recorded Lessons and Classrooms with a 1:10 teacher-student ratio, so you can choose what works best for your child.

Expert Educators

Interactive sessions with our Early Learning Teachers who are specially trained in conducting classes online

Interactive Parent App

Easily track your child's progress and stay in the know on upcoming lessons plan

New Intellikit Every Month

Get 6 Intellikits with fresh monthly themes, free of cost. Enjoy learning with DIY Activities, Worksheets, Storybook and Flash cards.

Free Access to Digital Content

Exclusive access to 100's of DIY activities, stories and life skills to keep little hands busy at home!

Love From Our Parents

Child is happily engaged with Preschool

The classes and IQ boosting activities are good and the need of the hour. Continuous interaction with parents/kids with interactive sessions from experts is really appreciable and shows the level of commitment to the child development and education.”

Pradu and Deepthi ( Parents of Amshul - PP2 )

Preschool is going well!

Classes are interactive and involves my child in different activities daily. My child is now adjusted to sit in the class mostly because of the activities. FirstCry Intellitots Preschool is a very good place to learn for kids

Prajwala Kancherla ( Parent of Adhira Kancherla - Nursery )

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Frequently Asked Questions

At FirstCry Intellitots, we place your child's wellbeing at the forefront of all we do. We have ensured that the duration of the online classes is approved by experts:

  • as appropriate for children
  • well within the recommended limits of screen time for each age

While a regular school day would mean 3 hours of class for Toddlers & Nursery and 3 1/2 hours for PP1 & PP2, online classes will function for 45 mins to 1 hour. Another 2 - 2 1/2 hours will be dedicated to at home activities for the parent to conduct - these will be available to you as downloadable PDFs for each day's task

Depending on you Child's age, the following is the duration break up: For Toddlers & Nursery: 45 mins online, 2 1/4 hours of at home activities For PP1 and PP2: 1 hour online, 2 1/2 hour of at home activities.

Our curriculum is created by leading experts in the education industry and we are constantly working to better what is one of our biggest strengths – our academic program. All our programs are crafted specifically for the age of the child, to achieve developmental and learning milestones that are appropriate for that stage.

Given the current scenario, our academic team has been working around the clock to restructure the curriculum in such a way that it is suited to the online mode of teaching. We now have a year of experience, teaching children & tracking their development, homeschool way. 

  1. Our preschool curriculum is structured for 36 weeks.
  2. In the given situation too, we will continue to follow the calendar as any given academic year. 
  3. We will ensure that the children achieve their milestones for that age/ year (where necessary we will extend the last term or reduce holiday schedules to make up for lost time). 
  4. If the schools open up, the same curriculum will be followed for the remaining weeks, offline 

At FirstCry Intellitots, we believe that each child is unique, and learns in his or her own pace and style. We understand that children need individual attention and therefore will maintain a 1:10 teacher to student ratio in our live classes, while maintaining 1:1 teacher to student ratio in our Personal Tutor program.

Given the strength of our award winning Sparkz curriculum, we have spent time to redefine how we will deliver the same level of academic excellence in the online space. In this way, we are confident and committed to ensuring each child’s learning and development is not compromised in any way. These are the key learning outcomes you can expect: 

  • Socio emotional development, critical at this age, will be maintained through interaction with peers and teachers through the online classroom 
  • Activities to develop gross and fine motor skills can be practiced using material available at home (these will be sent daily to the parent) 
  • Activities such as clean up, prayer and etiquette time will enable children to learn to be responsible. 
  • Little ones will also be able to show their craft work, art and worksheets to their teacher and friends. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and joy.  

To maintain the same routine as children come to expect at school, we will also be giving assignments to be completed after lessons, which can be uploaded once complete. These will be checked by teachers to ensure that progress for each child is being mapped.  

As the online classroom is a new experience for children, we advise parents to expect a few teething problems when getting their children adjusted to this new routine. However, children are incredibly quick to adapt to change, and given their love for screens, will soon settle down. The added benefit of seeing other children their age (many of whom will become their friends) will also be something that children will soon be looking forward to.  

We also understand that children’s attention spans are shorter. To cater to this, each session is planned with super fun activities. Music and movement sessions, story-telling sessions, speaking and interacting with the teacher and other students make the sessions lively, interactive and fun.  

While it will take a little time for children to adapt to the new routine, we have accounted for a ‘settling in’ time when we begin with online classes. Kids are quick to adjust to new things, which is why the first few classes will be all about getting comfortable and will pick up pace in the weeks to follow.  

Once schools reopen, the curriculum is structured to ensure smooth transition for a child.  The current structure converts the first few weeks of the academic year to be conducted online. When schools resume operations, the curriculum will pick up where they left. 

It is critical for children to continue their learning journey, and this is especially important for toddlers and nursery students since they will, soon, have to pick up the skills they will need to learn in school. Children develop rapidly in the early years and will adapt that much easier when they start traditional schooling if they have already interacted with their teachers and other children their own age. Through online classes they will: 

  • Learn discipline that is integral to school goers  
  • Develop familiarity with teachers and peers, which helps in socio emotional development
  • Learn important foundational concepts that will form the basis of their learning trajectory 
  • Experience structured learning that is developed specifically for this age eg: segregating pulses, opening closing bottles to develop fine motor skills; music & movement sessions to develop listening and kinesthetic skills, etc.  

Parents play a very vital role in their child’s online learning journey. An online class should be conducted in the presence of a parent. Just as teachers are facilitators in school, a parent must take on this role in the online environment.  

Once the class is completed the parent will be given material to guide them through activities that will further enhance their child’s learning. Parents can also reach out to our teachers to clarify doubts, follow up on progress or for any other learning led needs.  

A child’s education involves a partnership between the teacher and the parent as both play integral roles.

During the early years of learning, a caregiver or teacher plays a very important role in facilitating a healthy environment for a child’s growth. Hence, adult supervision is required even for online classes. In the absence of a parent, an adult i.e. a grandparent or guardian can step in on their behalf.  

We understand that many of you are working parents and that there will be times when you will need access to recorded sessions to catch up on what has been missed.

For this, we offer a homeschooling program with recorded lessons that are available at a single click, anytime, anywhere.

The parent will have to spend 1 – 1 ½ hours to complete activities that are assigned after the online class is completed. These can be completed during the day, basis material that will be shared by the teacher.  

Yes. There will be a weekly schedule shared with the parents, i.e. ‘This Week at a Glance’. This will cover the class timings, curriculum that will be covered and materials that will be required. All the above will be share via the parent app. 

Most of the activities planned require resources that are already available at home, for example, segregating grains, opening and closing bottles, vegetable painting etc. For other reading and writing activities, downloadable files will be shared. We also share a Welcome Kit which provides your child with the necessary material to make learning enjoyable at home.

There are worksheets which are downloadable for parents to print. For online classes there are resources in the form of ppts, picture cards, story books and short videos for a teacher to use effectively. These audio-visual aids are designed understanding how children learn best and will help the child to absorb concepts quickly and develop listening skills.  

As a parent, you are a critical part of your child’s learning journey and your child will need your attention. We understand that many of you are working parents and that there will be times when you will need access to recorded sessions to catch up on what has been missed.

While not the same as a live session, since there is no interactivity, class sessions will be saved and made available in recorded form for that day so you can teach your child as per your convenience. 

As soon as it is possible, we will also deliver to your home, the Student Kit with the essential study materials (please make sure your addresses are perfectly recorded with us)  

There is no separate cost for online and offline classes. The fee is for an entire year and covers the curriculum that is planned for a given academic year.  

If parents want to their child to join after schools reopen, more information will be provided to them at that time.

However, do consider that the child will miss the curriculum covered in the online classes for the first 2 months of the academic year. This lays the foundation for what will be taught through the rest of the year, He/she will also miss the opportunity of learning through teacher and peer interaction and will miss out on the comfort that is established between the teacher and his or her classmates. 

Students will use digital material for all their online classes. We will split the student kit into essential learning materials and prioritise those for delivery – this is expected to be delivered to you by the first week of July; the balance student kit will be delivered by the end of July.  

Please note that these timelines are tentative and will depend on government advisories, we will keep you posted.

Delivery of books, worksheets and learning material is expected to happen towards the end of June and the rest of the student kit will be delivered by end of July.  

In these changing times, when safety is paramount, there is uncertainty around how and when we will return to life as we know it. At the same time, as parents, we must ensure that the child’s learning does not suffer - and online classes are the right way to keep your child’s development on track.  

During the early years of development, children show significant growth at a rapid pace and it becomes important to follow a structured approach focused on age appropriate milestones.  

Preschool education ensures that learning is imparted and absorbed in the right manner. Education is both an art and a science and teachers are trained in its delivery.  

If a child doesn’t continue to follow a structured system and there is a long break in their learning process, they will find it challenging to get back to regular schooling. There may also be a delay in achieving certain developmental milestones.


Thank you for your enquiry.

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