Transitioning from Homeschooling to Traditional Classrooms – Tips for Parents

Published on June 11, 2020

At a time like this, when the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschooling has become a useful resource for people around the world. Many parents are doing their best to make sure that their child’s education doesn’t suffer due to the current scenario. With homeschooling gaining popularity worldwide, it has also become a part of the new normal. However, eventually, we would go back to normalcy, and that means schools reopening and kids going back to traditional classrooms. It may sound really exciting, but after months of learning from home and staying indoors, it would take some time for your little one to settle back into the old lifestyle. To help your child adjust to the traditional schooling system, Firstcry Intellitots has designed a curriculum that gives your little one time to adapt and to catch up with the classes. The SPARKZ™ curriculum takes into account the need for adjustment and aims to get your child reacquainted with the traditional classroom.

Back to School Checklist

We understand that coming back to school can make you and your child anxious, and we’ve put together a list of tips to make transitioning back to traditional classrooms as smooth as possible.

Adapting to the Old Schedule

After months of being home and having a lot of time to spare, coming back to the old schedule will take some time and preparation. Kids are highly adaptive, but your little one may become fussy and irritable with the change in schedule. Help her settle into the old routine by starting with small changes and gradually moving back to the schedule your family followed before the social distancing started.

Adjusting to a Group Setting

Going back to school might be exciting and scary for your little one. Shifting from individual classes at home to a traditional classroom with other kids can be an overwhelming experience. Your child may feel unsure of herself and not actively participate in her classes. Give her some time and talk about her feelings to make her more comfortable. Remind her that she isn’t the only one feeling that way and that her peers are also learning to adjust being surrounded by so many people during class.

Socialising With Friends

Your little one may have made friends during while learning from home and might want to meet them. Giving her a chance to spend time with her friends outside of school is a great way to make her comfortable with traditional schooling. She will make connections, and coping with the new setup will become a lot easier.

Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curriculum Activities for Kids

Another excellent way to get your child to transition to traditional schooling is by encouraging her to participate in extra-curricular activities. From fancy dress competition to taking part in different sports, support her interests and motivate her to try new things. Extra-curricular activities help create a sense of belonging and build team spirit in kids. This will make going back to school a lot more fun and something to look forward to.

Nourishing Her Hobbies

Your little one may have picked a hobby or two while being stuck indoors for months. Encourage her to continue pursuing her hobbies even when she doesn’t have a lot of spare time to do so. These hobbies will bring her comfort and allow her to disconnect from the overwhelming emotions she might be experiencing. It’s also a good idea to help her pick new hobbies, and find peers who have similar interests.

Spending Time With Family

Going from spending hours with you and other family members to sharing only a meal a day can be challenging for your little one. Kids get their sense of security from having their parents around them and transitioning to a traditional school can feel like stepping out of that security and comfort zone. So, keeping up some traditions that were formed during those months is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. Having weekend movie marathons or going for a picnic are some ways you can continue bonding even when hectic work schedules are back in action.

Reaching Out to Teachers

If you feel like your child is particularly distressed and finding it hard to cope with going back to school, speaking to her teachers may help you come up with solutions. Some kids have difficulty in understanding and expressing their emotions, and working with the school to help your child might resolve the problem. You will also have a better understanding of how your little one is in the classroom setting and take action accordingly.

Give Her Time to Adjust

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is time. Don’t rush your little one to get used to the changes in her lifestyle or pressure her to do well at school. She might get a bad grade or not feel like trying out new things, and that is okay. Giving her time to adjust is the best way to support her when she’s overwhelmed. Helping her overcome these obstacles instead of pushing her will also make her turn to you when she’s upset instead of feeling alone and afraid.

Young children are flexible human beings, and adapting to changes doesn’t take them too long. However, it is essential that parents are there to guide them and hold their hand when they’re unsure of something. Knowing that you will take care of her will give your little one the boost of confidence she needs to go out and have fun at school. Supportive teachers and schools like Firstcry Intellitots also play a major role in helping your child transition to traditional schooling and shape their new reality. Make sure to be involved in your child’s life, when she starts going to school again and try out these tips to help her with the changes in her everyday life.

Disclaimer: The reopening of schools is contingent on the government’s orders. 

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