The Informed Parent’s Guide to Understanding Homeschooling – Admissions, Fee Structure, Screen Time, Syllabus, and More

Published on July 2, 2020

With the world coming to a halt due to the COVID-19 crisis, you must be worried about your little one’s education. We understand your concern and have come up with the perfect solution- homeschooling with FirstCry Intellitots! Homeschooling with Firstcry Intellitots is a wonderful way to continue your child’s learning while keeping safe during the pandemic.

You may wonder if homeschooling is important for your preschooler. However, continuing your child’s education will not only help him grow and learn, but it will also keep him occupied and spend his time productively while he’s stuck indoors. As a parent, you know that keeping young kids entertained isn’t easy, so Firstcry Intellitots has designed a curriculum that focuses on development while making the classes fun and engaging. With study materials delivered to your doorstep, interactive learning and more, your Intellitot will look forward to learning from home.

Switching to remote learning from home might be a bit of a challenge for you and your little one, but soon you’ll get used to this new style. To make it easier for you to transition to homeschooling, we have included all the information you would need. Keep reading to find out more!


Just like you would get your child admitted to a school, signing up for homeschooling requires you to fill out a form and attach the necessary documents to complete the process. Firstcry Intellitots Homeschooling program has made the process extremely simple, and with the help of our helpdesk, you will be able to complete the process easily. Once your child is admitted, you will be notified, and then the real adventure will begin!

Fee Structure

The fee structure for Firstcry Intellitos Homeschooling program is designed keeping in mind the current circumstances. Starting at just Rs 2000 a month, the homeschooling program comes with a lot of perks, including study material delivered at home, Intellikit Activity boxes that make learning at home a lot of fun. Parents also have different payment options to choose from, and they can pay the fees for the entire year, on a term by term basis or monthly basis.


Homeschooling is definitely a different style of learning and teaching. To make the experience as seamless as possible, the FirstCry Intellitots curriculum SPARKZ™ is designed in a way that helps your child have a smooth transition and keep him engaged all through the day. A blend of different philosophies on early education, the SPARKZ™ curriculum is designed by experts to make learning fun for your little one. Exposing him to new ideas while working on his holistic development, the SPARKZ™ curriculum focusses on eight areas of development. These eight areas include life skills, musical perception, earth science, literacy, numeracy, visual arts, value education, and assessment. Together these tenets of the curriculum will help shape your child’s future.

Intellitots Syllabus - SPARKZ

We understand that it would take some time to adjust to this new setup, and have slowed down the traditional process of teaching to make it easier for kids to catch up. Keeping in mind the need for normalcy and routine, the SPARKZ™ curriculum also has interesting home assignments that keep your kid learning even when he’s done with the online classes for a day. You will receive weekly lesson plans, which will help you prepare for the lessons and create a schedule for your child’s learning. The at-home activities will be shared with you in downloadable PDF formats to make it easier for you to conduct the exercises at home. This will help bridge the gap between a real classroom and an online class and keep your child excited to participate in class and feel connected to the program.

Screen Time

Screen time is a major concern for parents, especially at a time like this. With kids being stuck indoors, keeping them occupied and away from screens is a challenging task. However, pausing your child’s education to minimise screen time is not the solution. Firstcry Intellitots’ SPARKZ™ syllabus has been created to ensure healthy screen time for your child. The classes are structured in a way that includes a lot of movement and interaction, making the exposure to screens an enriching experience for the child. Apart from the online sessions, the at-home activities and assignments are created in a way that will keep your child engaged and keep him away from screens.

To help you monitor your child’s screen time and be a part of his offline education, we have defined a structure that limits your little one’s exposure to screens. For toddlers and nursery, the duration specified is 45 minutes of online classes and 2 ¼ hours of offline parent-guided activities. For PP1 and PP2 age groups, 1 hour of online classes, and 2 ½ hours of at-home activities will help keep the kids engaged as well as keep them up to speed in terms of school work. The duration is not only well within the screen time limits; it is also defined keeping in mind a young child’s attention span. This will help you take an active role in your child’s education while keeping him away from screens.

Parent’s Role

A parent’s role is critical to the child’s growth and development, especially in the homeschooling setup. All online classes must be attended by the child, along with one of the parents. To help you understand how to conduct these home lessons, you will be guided by our experts. This is to help your little one navigate homeschooling and gain maximum benefit of the classes. As a parent, you will be the facilitator at home and will guide your child throughout the live sessions with the help of the teachers. You will also become the primary facilitator for the offline material which will be shared with you on a regular basis. Doing the at-home activities with your little one will strengthen your bond with him and keep you involved in his day-to-day learning process.

Switching to homeschooling can be daunting, and the FirstCry Intellitots team is there to guide you all through the way. Keeping aside your scepticism and adapting to the new environment will be highly beneficial to your child as his learning journey will continue, even when going to a school is not possible. A young child’s education plays a pivotal role in his development as well as in laying the educational foundation that he will continue to build on. Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of your child’s education and keep him curious and engaged with the unique SPARKZ™ curriculum. Kids easily adapt to change, and soon you’ll see your little one enjoying his classes at home.

FirstCry Intellitots Homeschooling program is dedicated to making this learning experience an enjoyable and enriching process for your little one. From a curriculum designed by experts to trained teachers, we are continuously improving the systems to make learning from home easier and accessible.

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