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1580 reviews

Give your child the skills to succeed in the 21st century

  • 21st Century Readiness Curriculum
  • Scientifically Designed Play
  • Expert Educator

Safety Standards as per

Is your child future ready?

Imagine the world in 2040 and the challenges it will throw up. Will children be ready for this world?

What does the 21st century mean for your child?

The world is changing, and children of today will meet new challenges in the world of tomorrow.


They will need to know how to work together to reach a goal

Critical Thinking

They will need the ability to solve problems


Fluency to share thoughts and ideas is crucial for success


They must possess the ability to imagine, express and innovate


They must feel self-assured and secure in their own capabilities


Empathy and kindness are highly valued skills needed to lead

Introducing INTELLI-C

(Our 21st Century Readiness Curriculum)

Our Intelli C Curriculum is designed to empower children with 6 essential 21st century - the 6 C's.

21st Century Readiness Curriculum: Our Pedagogy

Crafted by experts in the field of early years education, intelliC is a blend of the suggested practices of philosophers and world-renowned Pedagogues- Dr Heckman, Piaget, Montessori, & Froebel.
Creating realistic, interactive, and sensory-stimulating learning experiences for the child.

Play Way Method

Learning by doing

Activity based learning

Scientifically Designed Fun Learning Spaces

From the moment of birth, children begin exploring their new world by touching, smelling, tasting, listening, observing, and playing. Through this constant exploration, children develop the “domains” of their physical and mental abilities.

Outdoor Play Area

Reading Zone


Exploration Corner

Creative Play

The 6 point intellitots advantage

  • Award Winning Curriculum

    Well researched curriculum, developed by early education experts with decades of rich industry experience.

  • Personalized Attention

    1:8 adult to student ratio ensures your child receives all the attention they need.

  • Expert Educators

    Highly trained early learning educators to ensure your child's all-round development.

  • Exclusive Welcome Kit

    An all-inclusive Welcome Kit with everything your child needs for the Academic Year!

  • Safety

    Secure, trusted and safe atmosphere for kids with CCTV access.

  • Interactive Parent App

    Easily track your child's progress, learning milestones and more!

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FirstCry Intellitots Preschool & Daycare Google Reviews


1580 reviews

Bhanu Sukhija

This is a perfect play school for kids everyone is very co operative and well mannered including support staff. Well educated teachers its a 2nd home for kids. My daughter loves it and its the best decision to send her to Firstcry Intellitots Preschool

Neha Mamidala

Very cordial staff.. and very spacious kids will enjoy their play time.I’m overwhelmed to see my sons learning’s and knowledge.. Kudos to all the teachers and the efforts they put in and also the staff who handle kids with atmost care.Now, I’m confident my son will be taken care 🙂

Prachi Vijay

Best play school ever in Patna, huge playing space, big classrooms, courteous and talented teachers, safe and happy place for kids. Must visit everyone, proud that my child is having the world class facility in this preschool in Rajeev nagar, Patna.

Tanmaya Gupta

Very Good school with special attention given to child. Teachers and supporting staffs are doing great job. My daughter want to go to school even on weekends.Thankyou Firstcry Intellitots for making my child feel like second home.

Sarika Jain

Preschool has great environment and my daughter really looks forward going to school everyday. Teachers and supporting staff always welcome kids with warm smile and ensures kids are comfortable. Overall curriculum meets expectations and teachers are trying their best to follow the same.

Programs Offered


  • 3.5 hours of daily classes
  • Focuses on primary areas of development
  • Nurtures and builds motor abilities, language skills, social-emotional skills and cognitive skills
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  • 3.5 hours of daily classes
  • Introduces learning through themes
  • Stimulates curiosity, exploration and creativity
  • Promotes constructive learning
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  • 4 hours of daily classes
  • Prepares them for school
  • Introduces math concepts and valuable social skills
  • Develops reading and writing skills​
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  • 4 hours of daily classes
  • Prepares them for school
  • Introduces math concepts and valuable social skills
  • Develops reading and writing skills​
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Your Child's Safety, Our First Priority

CCTV Monitoring

First Aid Kits

Safety and Hygiene Standards as per WHO and UNESCO

Pediatrician On Call

Fire Safety Protocol

Trained Staff in Early Childhood Care

Admission Enquiry

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    is considered the safest playschool in the city by industry experts (i.e Education World Top 20 Preschool Survey). FirstCry Intellitots is a part of People Combine group that has experience of more than 25 years in Education which has experience in operating CBSE and IB schools. Apart from our unique in-house curriculum, we have unique facilities at our school that acts as differentiators from other schools in the market.

    We believe in the very famous Chinese saying that If you tell something to kids they will forget, show them the same and they will remember, but if you involve them they will understand. Our classrooms are brightly decorated with the new concepts of learning and this will not only stimulate learning among children but will also make them active participants in the learning process.

    Parents can walk in to all the FirstCry Intellitots Playschool centres with prior intimation to the centre manager. With this, parents not only get the details they are looking for, but can also go on for a school tour (allowed only after the class hours). Please carry the birth certificate and 4 passport size photographs of your child for admission in to Oi. You can also apply online for any of the programs and we will get in touch with you. You can prefix the appointment by visiting our website or by calling us at +91 90101 89000

    We have a healthy 1:8 adult child ratio and if the no. of kids increases to approximately 12 then adult child ratio of 2:12 comes in to existence, which means for every 12 kids there is one teacher and one support staff.

    Our strength lies in our teachers. FirstCry Intellitots Playschool is well known for the quality of staff it maintains in terms of qualifications, understanding, learning, patience and most importantly the endless passion of teaching through various innovative technologies.

    Considering the amount of time children spend with the sub staff, we never compromise on the quality of individuals hired as sub staff at FirstCry Intellitots Playschool We have a highly qualified team of sub staff who are trained exclusively in handling children and taking care of their needs along with the teachers.

    We consider parents to be our active partners and they are actively involved in happenings at school, thus parents get an opportunity to actually be a part of their child's learning process.

    Admissions are open all throughout the year, but purely on the basis of availability of seats and hence we recommend blocking seats well in advance.