We know how annoying the feeling of tiny parasitic insects crawling in your head is! Although it’s very common for school going children to get head lice, it’s a matter of concern for parents to get rid of the infestation.

First and foremost, you have to learn that, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Your child having head lice doesn’t indicate that he/she is dirty nor does it reflect on the cleanliness of your home. Children get head lice because they are very close to other kids (possibly infected with head lice) while they play or sit next to each other at school/playground.

A few know-hows about lice: 

  • Lice can easily spread between children through 
  • direct hair-to-hair contact 
  • indirectly by sharing hats, combs, scarves, pillows
  • Head lice don’t fly but crawl very quickly when the heads come in contact/drop by on materials that touch the head
  • Lice usually inhabit at the bottom of the neck and behind the ears

Head lice can be treated at home. The first thing that comes into notice as a symptom is your child itching and scratching. To treat head lice, you can go by wet-combing method or use an anti-lice solution.

Since lice crawl fast, it’s better to work through small sections of hair making sure to cover every area. Look for nits and active lice. Nits are eggs that are laid by lice. White nits that stick close to roots, are eggs that have already hatched. Whereas brown-black nits contain live eggs that will hatch into lice. To stop the nits and lice cycle, you need to get rid of the live lice. If you find nits, you may have to keep checking for when they hatch into lice. Or you may try picking the eggs before they hatch. 

During the course of treatment, ensure disinfecting items by washing them in hot water.  Items such as hats, combs, pillowcases, hair accessories, bedding are to catch lice just in case lice drop off the scalp. However, off the scalp, lice don’t live for long, so there is no need for extra cleaning.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow up two weeks from your first comb-out. You do not want to miss even a single lice.

PS: If you have kids/adults who share a bed with the affected child, you should treat them too, regardless of an itchy scalp or lice found.

Catching itchy scalp symptoms early and treating it will help you stop a head lice problem at its roots.

child at school


Waving goodbye to the apple of your eye as he/she walks into school is an emotional moment for not only children but most parents too. “I hope she eats well; I hope she doesn’t cry in class; I hope his teacher checks on his cold; I hope he doesn’t fight with the other children…” and many more. Such statements echo in the minds of most pre-schooler’s parents every single morning.

How do you know your child is ACTUALLY SAFE?

To a parent, there is no limit to the measures that can be taken when it comes to taking care of their young one. Pre-schooling too, thus is marked by a whole lot of apprehensions and questions.
Amongst the many safety concerns on a parent’s checklist, CCTV access tops the list. While choosing a preschool, parents today feel reassured when given the access to watch their child at any point of time. It provides the parent a sense of surety towards the well-being of their little one in the school’s premises.
At work or at home, login and watch what your munchkin is up-to that very moment. Rightly said, “Your child is just a click away”.
However comforting this may be, do you think watching over at all times is really a necessity? Also, why is it that not all schools choose to give parents access to their CCTV footage?


Not necessarily. While few schools choose not to provide access to parents as it involves privacy issues and expect parents to trust in their system. Some welcome them to do so, with a belief it builds transparency.
CCTV access mustn’t be used as a monitoring tool on the child. It should rather be used to understand the behavioural and social interactions of the child. The reason you choose a playschool is to allow your child to bloom and blossom in an environment that best caters to all his/her needs. Choose an environment that you can trust and maintain a healthy distance.
Watch them socialise, learn and grow. Handling few pushes and pulls on their own will build their strength & confidence for a tougher tomorrow. Choose wisely and trust the activities and functioning of the school you choose. WATCH TO SEE THEM GROW. NOT TO INVESTIGATE.

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Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

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Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

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