Safe Soap guide for Pre-schooler

Published on March 3, 2017

When do you stop using the baby washes and start using regular shampoos and soaps on your pre-schooler?

While some pediatrician’s advice not to use soap for the first two years of life, once your baby is 12 months old you can start using regular soaps that are mild for their fragile skin.

When it comes to children’s cleansers, there’s an array of products to choose from, whether it’s baby soaps, shampoos, or body washes. So how do you pick the best one? Run-down to the safe product guide..

Choose the right type

When you go the baby body bath store, you get overwhelmed seeing so many options. What you need to first figure out is what type of product you want- Bar soaps, body washes or shower gels?

There is no reason you can’t use shampoo on your baby’s body. Shampoos, in fact has more ingredients than a simple bar of soap. Using baby body wash is a safe and preferable choice. Anyways which when you buy any new soap, take a trial and if there is any rash or skin reaction, immediately change the soap.

Go for gentle baby cleansers

When it comes to soap for your baby’s body, you should choose a body wash or soap that specifies 100% natural ingredients. Any harsh ingredient that is present in the soap can be irritating and cause rash. Use soaps that are free of potentially harmful chemicals. Any harsh ingredient that is present in the soap can be irritating and cause rash.

Analyze the ingredients
To protect the skin, steer clear of soaps that contain alcohol, glycol, propylene and other chemicals. These are all known harmful toxic substance present in baby products. Also, choose a dye-free soap because the red dye that is commonly present in soaps causes allergies in kids.

Go for natural solutions

Natural solutions are beneficial for skin. They help in maintaining the skin oils and are always best for sensitive skin, Look for a product which contains ingredients like almond, milk, cocoa butter, honey and olive oil.

Do not go for extra lather soaps

Remember, during bath time, you do not need deep lathering effects from head to toe; just use soap for cleaning his neck, underarms, knees, bottom and privates or the areas that actually get dirty and sweaty. Avoid soaps which gives extra lather as it consists extra chemicals.

Opt for fragrance-free baby soap

Kids are sensitive to scented soaps. Scented soaps might have the quality of drying out the skin. Moreover, some kids tend to dislike particular fragrances. Hence, it is recommended to use fragrance free soaps, as they do not contain any chemicals that can make the skin dry.

Avoid antibacterial soaps completely

Antibacterial soaps are not the safe soaps for babies and kids as they claim to be. They are not much effective than regular soaps in killing bacteria. Even regular hand washing soap or solutions remove dirt and germs from hand. Moreover, we do not need to continuously expose our children to antibacterial agents.

Note-The content is for opinion purpose only. For any recommendations, please consult with a healthcare professional.

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