Remote Learning- Here’s Why and How It Helps Children Learn Better

Published on June 9, 2020

There’s a quote by Malala Yousafzai that goes ‘Let us remember; one book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.’ In today’s times, there’s one more thing to add to the list- the Internet! Going to school is out of the question right now, but many schools have introduced ‘remote learning’, which makes sure that the learning continues, even at home. Here’s why you should opt for remote learning for your kids during this lockdown.

What is Remote Learning?

What is Remote Learning

Remote learning is conducted by teachers via the internet. Slots are set for daily sessions and parents are given a weekly lesson plan of what will be taught each day. Everything, right from tests, activities, and assignments completed by the students are uploaded by parents and graded by the teachers, online. The materials required for activities are easily available at home and communicated in advance to parents. Remote learning helps cover part of the curriculum and students to easily transition to regular schooling once the lockdown is lifted.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child for Remote Learning

Remote learning carries loads of benefits to kids, as compared to homeschooling or pausing your child’s education during this time. Here’s why you should consider remote learning for your child.

1. Continues the Learning Process

This is the time when the first term of the academic year starts. Whatever the students are set to learn during this time lays the foundation for the upcoming terms and even years. Missing out on fundamentals can cause issues with learning later on, not to mention, halt any learning and development. The early years are essential for proper development of cognitive and functional abilities, so why lose out? At FirstCry Intellitots, part of the curriculum has been re-designed for remote learning to ensure that kids can easily learn and pick up concepts at home, and smoothly adjust to regular school-life in the future.

2. Keeps Kids Occupied

Parents have to work from home now and take care of their household chores and family at the same time. Amongst all this, having a child running about, playing with the same toys or having nothing to do can be concerning. Remote learning takes up a few hours of a child’s day, plus the activities and assignments will keep him occupied in a healthy manner to ensure development. This way, you can take care of your daily duties without worrying about your child’s education being at stake.

3. Maintains a Routine

Waking up at different times every day, taking random naps and sleeping at odd hours are common during this time. While as parents you still have a sense of routine due to work and chores, it is not the same for kids. Remote learning makes kids follow a daily schedule of classes, breaks, and even activities and homework. This takes care of the day until evening, since younger kids may also take a nap and complete any activities after lunch. Once evening sets, parents and family members may get some free time as well and build a routine for the rest of the day that includes physical activities, family bonding time, dinner, storytime, etc. FirstCry Intellitots makes sure that parents are aware of the weekly plan and help their kids stick to the given schedule, along with helping set a routine for the rest of the day. A routine is known to increase productivity in kids and boost learning and development. It also helps kids adjust better when regular school begins, along with setting good time management and organisational skills.

4. Boosts Social Interaction

One of the biggest advantages of regular schooling is that it teaches kids social skills and allows them to interact with other kids their own age and make friends, which is immensely helpful in the future. However, social distancing means your child has probably not seen his friends in a long time. Remote learning allows kids to interact with their teachers and peers, which does not compromise social development during this time. This makes kids more confident and shapes their personality, starting from a young age.

5. Eases Parental Involvement

Parental involvement in a child’s age is necessary for younger age groups. However, with busy work schedules and house chores, finding hours each day to spend with your child can get tight if your plate is already full. Remote learning takes some of the load off parents while giving them the flexibility to catch up on what their kids have learnt during the class, in their free time. With the FirstCry Intellitots remote learning program, you can assign a family member or guardian to sit with your child during the class and to help with the after-class activities and watch the recorded session anytime during the day to help you run through what was covered. This way, you can tick all your chores off the to-do list and still pay attention to your child’s education.

6. Improves Screen Time

Giving your child the TV remote when he throws a tantrum or gets bored is the easiest thing to do. But, watching TV or playing online games puts the brain in a passive state, which is harmful to development, especially at a young age. Not to mention, certain content can affect a child’s impressionable mind. Remote learning is a way for your little one to spend quality screen time each day, learning something and interacting with peers. Apart from this, teachers can also recommend content or activities to boost a child’s development while getting his dose of screen time each day. At FirstCry Intellitots, the daily activities assigned after classes fill up a child’s day and make it more productive while having fun, so kids don’t find many opportunities to yearn for more screen time.

7. Builds Comfort With the Teacher

Everyone is well aware of how tough it is for kids to initially adjust to a school environment with teachers, especially if they take their time to get used to people. Kids find it easier to become comfortable with new teachers through remote learning, as they are in a familiar environment- their home. Interacting with teachers for a few hours a day will make your child more comfortable with them and make the adjustment to regular schooling much easier. After all, a good student-teacher bond makes learning easy and fun!

8. Easier Access to Teachers

Remote learning makes it easier for parents to communicate with the teachers during and after the session. If you find your child needing extra attention in certain areas or need clarity on something taught, you can easily set up a call or conversation with the teacher and convey your thoughts. Teachers at FirstCry Intellitots are approachable and take each child’s education very seriously. Any kids that require extra assistance are well taken care of, to ensure they don’t lag behind and find it easier to grasp certain topics that are out of their comfort zone.

Why Choose Online Schooling

Remote learning is the boon that all parents need right now, especially in these times. With everything easily accessible on the internet, a child’s learning and development need not stop and, in fact, can be smartly boosted through remote learning.

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