Raising Eco-caring Children

Published on October 25, 2019

Children absolutely love nature. You can see how happy they become when you take them to the park; they jump with excitement when they hear about a road trip or a trip to the beach. It isn’t that hard to translate this connection between the environment and children into a life-long commitment to care for the environment.

Especially at preschool going age, children are curious to learn about everything. This is the time that you must introduce them to lessons on being eco-friendly. Getting them to understand how crucial caring for the environment is, will help them become responsible adults.

We try to instil morals in our children at a very young age hoping that it is carried for life. We teach them not to lie/ cheat/ steal/ harm others. What about teaching them to love and protect our environment, keep it clean or to utilize our resources wisely? These values when inculcated at an early age, will grow with them and also reflect in the choices they make towards the environment.

Here are a few easy and quick tips that can teach children ways to reduce their carbon footprint:

Keep in touch with nature

  • Take children for sightseeing to places that allow you to admire nature, see animals and trees
  • Talk about endangered species and the importance of protecting all living creatures
  • Start a mini garden at your home and bring in a pet. Taking care of a living creature will make your children sensitive about life and eventually sensitive to the environment.

Save water & electricity

  • Teach to turn off the faucet when not in use – when they are bathing, brushing or washing hands
  • Make use of the rainwater to wash your car or let children water your garden using that water
  • On the same note, turn off switches/unplug appliances when not in use. Show your children how they’re contributing to protecting the environment by taking these little steps. 

Control CFC (Chloro Fluorocarbon)

  • Close your doors when you are using air conditioning so you save heat from escaping
  • Don’t open the refrigerator door every now and then to sneak peek into ice-creams (They emit CFC that are harmful to the ozone layer. You can in fact opt for CFC free refrigerators.)

Avoid disposables

  • Swap plastic lunch boxes with steel boxes
  • Swap paper cups for porcelain 
  • Disposable napkin for cloth ones

Make 3R’s a routine

  • Reduce what you don’t need, reuse before throwing and recycle what can be used again
  • Recycling is a way to turn trash into new things
  • Teach children what can be recycled. Install separate bins to dump plastic and recyclable goods
  • Buy products made with recycled ingredients
  • Reduce the amount of things we throw away
  • Avoid taking plastic bags from the grocery store that you’d end up trashing
  • Find ways to use things more than once
  • Reuse glass jars and old clothes

Don’t litter

  • Do not throw garbage on the street, in a water body, in the park or an open land
  • Keep our surroundings clean and do not dump waste that’ll pollute natural bodies
  • When you are traveling, find the nearest bin and dispose of your garbage

Let us all work towards building a healthier and happier environment!

                                                                                                                                                                 Author: Afrouz Sania

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