Published on December 17, 2016

Moving from diapers to being self-sufficiently able to use the toilet is a natural process. Your goal is to unfold the learning in a step by step guide so potty learning becomes easy for the child. Here are steps for your toddler’s easy potty learning.

1. Check your child’s readiness

Most children develop necessary physical and mental skills between 18 and 24 month. You need to watch for signs that your child is starting to develop bladder control. Your child should have dry nappies for up to two hours, should be able to say when they need to pee in advance and should be able to follow your instructions.

2. Demonstrate

Explain your child the connection between pooping and toilet. The next time he/she poops in her diaper, empty the diaper into the potty. Flush it in front of her so she comprehends the connection. Tell her that she will use potty directly when she is ready. Also, introducing hand washing at this point is a good idea. This can help your child get familiar with the process. Additionally, stick posters in the bathroom or show picture books or videos that illustrate the steps to using the potty.

3. Right equipment

It might take a while for your child to step up the toilet seat. You may want to start with a mini potty seat. Choose a potty which is comfortable and nice-looking to the child. Place it in the living room, where your child spends most time. Gradually move it closer to the bathroom and eventually right in the toilet. Also, begin using underpants or training pants and stop using nappies.

4. Try naked time

Once you see that your child is ready, let him/her roam around your home bare-bottomed. If your child regularly does a poo at a certain time each day, leave their nappy off when they are likely to have a bowel movement. Show him where his potty is placed and suggest that they use the potty.

5. Create a routine such that it becomes a habit

Initially make your child sit on the potty at least one time in a day, preferably after meals. This way, using potty can be slotted into the normal routine. Slowly, institute regular times for the potty- first thing in the morning, after meals, before going to bed. This will help your child’s body move onto a schedule. Also, teach some words associated with going to the toilet so he/she can hint you when he needs to use the potty.

6. Accepting that there can be accidental spills

If your child has a spill accidentally, showing disappointment would make him/her feel anxious and worried. If you noticed the accident as soon as it started, encourage him/her to move into the bathroom or to the potty. With this, your child learns without getting discouraged.

7. Night training

It’s perfectly normal for a child to continue wetting the bed. Bed-wetting is involuntary, and most children stop wetting by the time they are five. If he/she seems to be staying dry consistently at night, it might be a good time to start night-time training as well.

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Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

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Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

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