A warm hello to our lovely parents! 

The month of September has just gone by, and what a blissful month it was! So, here we are again to share some of those incredible moments with you all.  

As we near the end of the first term, we are proud and happy to inform you that our tots are doing extremely well and enjoying their virtual school. Our teachers are constantly striving to help them become independent and lifelong learners by introducing them to new themes and activities each week. And we must say, these activities led to a fabulous month full of celebrations!  

Our little tots enjoyed celebrating Teachers’ Day, Literacy Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Hindi Diwas, Peace Day, Tourism Day, and also participated in the Save Water Campaign. Through these, they learned the importance of literacy, peace, culture, resources, and language.  

Here’s a peek into what our tots actually did. 

Teachers’ Day: 

The month of September began with a bunch of surprises for our teachers arranged by our tiny munchkins for Teachers’ Day. Our tots overwhelmed the teachers with beautiful Thank-You crafts they made with some help from their parents. They also surprised their teachers by presenting short pre-recorded videos expressing their gratitude towards their lovable teachers in their own sweet words during the sessions. The teachers were very happy and excited to receive the cards from their beloved students! 



International Literacy Day: 

Literacy Day was celebrated to promote the need for education and a literate society in today’s day and age. On this day, the tots were encouraged to read books so as to learn new stories and improve their vocabulary. In addition to this, the kids made bookmarks and donated stationery items to the needy. They also participated in literacy activities like writing names, labelling objects, magic letter activities, etc. These activities helped them polish their reading and writing skills and promote the importance of literacy in our day-to-day lives. 



Ganesh Chaturthi: 

Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesha, was celebrated virtually with great pomp and gaiety! Our enthusiastic teachers decked up as Lord Ganesha and started the day by chanting the ‘Vakratund Mayakaya’ shlokaThey presented an informative video explaining the birth of Lord Ganesha and some important aspects of the festival. Our tots made different types of Ganeshas, such as clay Ganesha, cartoon Ganesha and paper Ganesha. They thoroughly enjoyed the celebration and learned the importance of our rich cultural heritage well-translated by our teachers! 


International Day of Peace: 

International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21st September. On this day, our tiny tots learned that peace, unity, and positivity make a huge difference in the world! On this special day, the kids created various peace symbols, such as Dove, peace coaster, peace wreath, and peace heart. They used items like neem leaves and techniques like finger-painting to make these beautiful peace symbols. Moreover, our teachers, dressed in white, the colour of peace, sang ‘We Shall Overcome and ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’, and explained the importance of peace to our tots. Spreading the message of peace and harmony, the celebration concluded with the National Anthem. 


Credits for Visual Delight: FirstCry Intellitots Miyapur, Bellandur, Whitefield, VelampalyamDilsukhnagar, Magarpatta, KovaipudurBasaveshwaranagarAECS Layout, Rajkot, Saidabad, Manikonda, West Marredpally. 

My FirstCryOi'ites Stories

Intellitots SuperDad_Murali Manas 

We are proud of being a part of the FirstCry family. FirstCry Intellitots is an advanced learning facility for kids to prepare for upcoming schooling. The learning technique is very good and even the teaching techniques are superb!  

The FirstCry Intellitots app is user friendly and provides all the teaching material like classwork and homework for the week. Even the weekly schedule shared in the app helps parents to prepare kids for the week.  

The syllabus is a bit more when compared to other schools but it would be better if the schools were made offline than online. The activities given in the kit are very good. Overall, great learning place for kids with the best learning kits. 

Intellitots SuperMom_Kiranmai 

Hi everyone, when we were searching for a preschool for my 2.5-year-old kid, we got to know about Firstcry Intellitotsand we enrolled our kid in Miyapur branch, Hyderabad, for Nursery. FirstCry Intellitots Miyapur branch is really a great preschool for school beginners. They organise virtual classes, which are very interactive & managed holistically. We really want to appreciate the teachers who engage the kids with humour & have a creative approach towards teaching. We are very grateful to Shipra ma’am & Jyoti ma’am for taking care of our kid.

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Hindi Diwas: 

Hindi Diwas was celebrated virtually as the teachers spread the message ‘Hindi hamaari shaan hai; desh ka abhimaan hai’, highlighting the significance of the language and the importance of celebrating Hindi Diwas. The teachers emphasised that we should be proud of the Hindi language and learn to speak Hindi in the public domain without any hesitation. Our tots enjoyed talking completely in Hindi during their online sessions on the occasion of Hindi Diwas and also recited their favourite Hindi rhymes to honour our official language. 

World Tourism Day: 

World Tourism Day was celebrated virtually to help the tots understand the importance of visiting different places around the world. Our teachers presented an informative PPT highlighting various cities and tourist spots across the country to give the tiny tots a chance to understand our culture, nature, heritage and geographical featuresOur tots were also engaged in activities, like drawing an aeroplane, the objective of which was to help them understand the various modes of transportation that connect the whole world and inculcate curiosity in the young minds to know the world, its different cultures, communities and heritages.



Save Water Campaign: 

Water is the basis of life on earth. Every individual should use water wisely. Our tots were taught the motto ‘Save Water and Save Our Earth’, and with this in mind, they made save-water crafts and dressed up as water droplets to demonstrate that little drops of water make the mighty ocean. They also spoke on how to save water and together make the world a better place to live for the generations to come!


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Simple Everyday Swaps: 

  • Swap plastic bottles for glass jars. 
  • Swap plastic toys for wooden toys. 
  • Swap wipes for cotton towels. 

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Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

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