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We still can’t believe it’s March already! Time sure flies by when you have little tots around, eager to learn and grow. February was no different. From having a jolly time on Vasant Panchmi and Valentine’s Day occasions to expanding their knowledge horizon on National Science Day, our tots sure had plenty of fun. 

As their creativity soared with our activity days, we also made sure that their logical thinking and motor skills grew. Let’s take a sneak peek at the unlimited fun they had at FirstCry Intellitots centres. 

Vasanth Panchami

In Hindu tradition, Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, is worshipped pan India on the occasion of Vasant Panchami. It is believed that yellow is the Goddess’s favorite color, for it speaks of nature’s bounty and agricultural fields. This Hindu festival also marks the arrival of the spring season. This year, FirstCry Intellitots centres virtually celebrated this auspicious day on 5th February with a bundle of enthusiastic tiny tots. On the occasion, children enjoyed making beautiful crafts, like colorful kites and yellow flowers using thermocol balls. 

Valentine’s Day  

A day to appreciate the love and warmth, Valentine’s Day is an international celebration loved by every second person. This day teaches us to be compassionate and have empathy for others. FirstCry Intellitots celebrated this special day with the tots through online sessions. The children were excited to make some beautiful cards and crafts for their loved ones. The motto of the celebration was to teach children the meaning of love. The little champs were awed to know that love has no bounds, and the love they give to their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and teachers is worth celebrating! 

International Mother Language Day 

In 2000, on an initiative by Bangladesh, the United Nations declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day to promote linguistic and cultural diversity. 

Firstcry Intellitots centres celebrated International Mother Language Day by engaging children in learning activities. The tots had great fun decorating a smiling Earth with colorful petals that had alphabets written on them using rainbow colors. Alphabets taken from different languages, such as Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Chinese, French, etc., were written on the petals. Moreover, teachers explained to the little ones the significance of languages. They also learned that promoting languages is the most powerful way to preserve and develop cultures worldwide. The fun day ended with the little tots introducing their names in their respective mother tongues. The day had its fair share of cute moments! 


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Intellitots SuperMom_Sapna Holani 

It is a matter of great pleasure for me that my daughter is studying in such a lovely school. I am completely satisfied with all the facilities which have been provided by the school and thank you so much for the amazing team of talented, caring, strong and intelligent teachers. 

Intellitots SuperDad_Anudeep Thommandru 

My Son Ridhan had been attending Online classes for his PP1 and I’m really happy with his improvements. Classes are managed really well and Harsha madam had been taking care of the minutest things. My overall satisfaction is great and I strongly recommend FirstCry Intellitots for your loved kids for their overall growth. 

Ollie Whistles

World Radio Day

Every 13th of February, World Radio Day is celebrated internationally to acknowledge the value of radio in the lives of people across the world. The eager little tots learned that radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity. At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed communication medium where it is used for entertainment, news, information and offers promotional opportunities. The fun didn’t just end with learning. Children enjoyed making radio and mic using craft materials, which was a learning experience for them. The little ones also dressed up like radio jockeys for the occasion.

National Science Day 

28th February is celebrated as National Science Day to mark the invention of the Raman Effect. The day is celebrated to make aware the young minds of the aspiring facets of science and develop an interest in it. At the centres, the day was celebrated with the active participation of teachers and students in science activities. The little ones had great joy in witnessing several science activities, such as Jaltarang, lifting ice cubes with string, and the Raman effect experiment. The latter experiment involved holding a torch from which the light passes through the transparent glass. When the light changes its wavelength, it produces different colors. The experiments and activities were an eye-opener for kids, interesting them in science and its facts for their future academics.  

Home Schooling Activities 

Teaching the importance of eating healthily should start early. To instill this early, the children were encouraged to prepare fruit salads. They had a jolly time indulging in activities, like making volcanoes, during their online sessions.

FirstCry Intellitots ECO CARE

  1. Ditch the Plastic Straws: Single-use plastics, such as plastic straws, accumulate in the sea and harm marine life. Use paper, steel, or glass straws for sustainable living.
  2. Say No to Plastic Containers: Start using glass or steel containers instead of plastic ones. There are not only aesthetically pleasing but also save our planet.
  3. Reuse What You Can: Have empty plastic containers at home? Why not reuse them! You can use these empty plastic containers in different ways. Grow a plant in it, use it as a storage container for lentils or cereal, or make toys out of it! The world is your oyster!

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Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

After approaching many schools I can say Firstcry Intellitots Preschool as No.1 Preschool. As my sons, Arya is energetic the whole day I wanted him to utilize his energy in a useful way & this has been fulfilled by Firstcry Intellitots.

Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

Everyone in the school has a very friendly approach towards the kids. Welcoming the kids with a broad smile is something I like about Firstcry Intellitots. This school is great if wish to boost child's knowledge.

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