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Dear Parents,


This June 2022, we were elated to welcome our students back at our campuses in different cities.  The last two years of the pandemic definitely wrecked havoc in everyone’s life, more so in children’s lives.  Children have been deprived of some very basic needs like social and emotional bonding with peers!

We, FCIT are sensitive to the social and emotional well-being of our children. We conducted intense teacher’s training, this summer, across clusters to orient our teachers towards the need for social and emotional bonding in our children.  While the academic milestones are important, we felt that it was important to make children feel safe and secure in our school, post pandemic. COVID protocols were followed by all our schools when we opened up the doors for the new academic year.

As for our curriculum; it revolves around themes with a lot of music and movement interspersed to make it fun for this age group. While the toddler children started with play and learn, followed by sensorial concepts, the nursery kids enjoyed concepts like exploring about themselves and understanding their emotions. The kindergarten students honed their skills through in comprehending pre-math concepts and associating the phonics sounds and letters. They also explored the themes such as – ‘myself’, ‘my body’ and ‘my senses’. We had ‘settling plans’ as part of academic planning to settle children comfortably in the first 2 weeks of the school reopening.  There’s so much more planned for July!

Meghashri Halder
Head – Academics Intelli Education


The Month That Was

The month of June was filled with fun activities and accomplishments by our little tots! Here’s a sneak peek into what our little wonders experienced:

Back to School!​

It’s been an extra special meeting this time, as the little ones got to finally meet their friends and the teachers were equally excited to welcome the children back to school.

Classroom Activities

Our little tots engaged in classroom activities where they’re learning to sort colours, craft activities, and exploring different art & painting techniques.

Sensorial Activities

The kids were taught activities with water to develop motor skills, eye-hand coordination & sensorial development. They had a good time in the splash pool, filling bottles & with sand play.​

Indoor Play

Our little tots participated in activities focused to develop motor, cognitive and social skills.

International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21

To celebrate and enlighten the kids, teachers spoke about the importance of yoga and also taught children techniques to practice. The children, parents & teachers practised in quick and easy asanas & shlokas.

World Doctors Day on July 1

Doctors were invited to schools to teach children the importance of this day. The children thanked the doctors for their service to the society by making beautiful greeting cards welcoming them with flowers. The doctors explained the importance of health and safety to the kids.

The Latest Scoop

So, what’s coming up this month, then?

Paper bag day:This is a special day for kids and teachers alike! Using paper bags will not just help the environment around us, but also plays a huge role in teaching children the meaning and importance of recycling. One of the craft activities that the children will get to learn is how to make paper bags using newspapers! The fun part is that they will learn how to make bags in every size! ​

World emoji day: In the recent years, emojis have taken over how one communicates! To enlighten our tots, we’ve planned a craft activity where they will learn how to make emoji masks and greeting cards! There’s so muchto explore here, including learning different types of expressions, don’t you think?

Jump Day:  While this may not be a day one usually talks about, it’s important as it highlights taking care of ourselves, especially how crucial it is to strengthen our legs! We’ve got some super fun activities planned on this day – jumping races, frog races, fun jumping exercises and even craft activities like making origami frogs! ​

World nature conservation day: In the recent years, we’ve all seen how important it is to take care of our planet, and each one of us needs to do our own bit to help! t’s a very special day as children will plant saplings and will also be made to understand the importance of nature and what the Earth has given us. Apart from all the other activities in the day, there’s one that stands out for us – teaching your child how to Recycle by learning hwo to make a tree with used materials!

World Tiger Day:  There are such few tigers left in the world, and it’s our duty to educate our future on why it is so important to save them! The tiger is our national animal, and we must do all we can to protect it. There will be activities planned to highlight the value of our national animal.​

The Growing Intellitots Empire

The FCIT empire is expanding and how. Over the months of April, May and June we’ve now opened up 50 more centres, bringing the total number of schools to a whopping 89 across the country!

We’re elated to watch more and more children transform their lives and their future with us!

Until next month,

Team Intellitots!

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