Keeping your kids safe & healthy during rainy season

Published on July 29, 2016

Temperature fluctuation, chilly weather and rain falls brings with it humidity, flooded roads, mosquitoes, diseases, dirty and unhygienic environments. The chances for airborne and water borne disease becomes max. Health care for children becomes a vital part during monsoon. You can protect your child from all unhealthy aspects by following simple and easy tips.

Food: The digestive process in kids slows down during monsoons. It is best to give the child balanced healthy home cooked food.

Wash fruits and vegetables well before using.

  • Provide your kids with healthy food to strengthen their immune system. Serve healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. Drinking milk with probiotics can also help build his body’s defenses.
  • Keep the child hydrated by giving enough water and juices throughout the day.
  • A number of diseases such as amoebiasis, cholera, diarrhea and more are caused by drinking contaminated water. Make sure that your kids drink clean water.

Caution from infectants: Monsoon is also the time when there is water accumulated at places which become breeding ground for mosquitoes and germs causing malaria, dengue and other diseases.

  • Eliminate their breeding places by keeping the ground clean and dry. It also prevents mosquitoes, flies, and other disease-carrying insects from swarming all over your place.
  • Make your house insect proof. To keep kids safe from mosquitoes, use insect repellants, lotion and mosquito nets.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed in the evenings.
  • Use antiseptic liquids while washing your kid’s clothes & while cleaning the house.

Clothe appropriately: Warm and layered clothing is a must. Buy jackets and all winter essentials (rain coat, umbrella, jackets etc.,) and dress your children warm.

  • Pack a raincoat & water proof shoes in his school bag. This can ensure that they do not get exposed to rain water flowing in the streets which can be full of contaminants.
  • Umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots are total must-haves for your kids during this season. Whenever you are taking your little one outside in the rainy season, carry an umbrella & a rain coat.

Orient the kids on what they should do: Tell your children about the risks of getting wet in rain. And teach him to observe healthy habits.

  • Teach him to use a sanitizer for hand wash. Proper hand washing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of infection.
  • If he gets drenched in the rain, give him a hot bath with a good antiseptic solution to minimize the chances of getting affected with germs.
  • Keep his feet dry at all times. Get him used to wearing slippers or socks inside the house.
  • Keep his nails trimmed. Nail biting habit in children is very dangerous during the rainy season as dirt deposited inside the nails enters the child’s stomach along with food causing stomach infections.
  • Keep your children’s vaccinations up-to-date. Seek doctor’s advice on getting the right vaccinations to boost their immune system against common childhood illnesses.
  • Even after taking all the precautions, there are chances your kid might catch a cold or flu. Prepare a kit with medicines after taking proper advice from your pediatrician. Cough syrups, syrups for cold or fever, balms etc. can be added to your kit.

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Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

After approaching many schools I can say Firstcry Intellitots Preschool as No.1 Preschool. As my sons, Arya is energetic the whole day I wanted him to utilize his energy in a useful way & this has been fulfilled by Firstcry Intellitots.

Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

Everyone in the school has a very friendly approach towards the kids. Welcoming the kids with a broad smile is something I like about Firstcry Intellitots. This school is great if wish to boost child's knowledge.

Firstcry Intellitots Preschool, West Marredpally

Firstcry Intellitots Preschool, West Marredpally

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