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Published on March 9, 2017

How to check your tot’s preschool readiness?

In order to start preschool, your child need not have a must-set of skills. Young children develop at different and most preschoolers are still working on readiness skills when they start with preschool. And these skills are mastered gradually during their preschool learning. Below are some of the key developmental milestones a child will ideally have.

Potty trained- Preschoolers of Nursery (2.5yrs) are generally expected to come out of diapers. Not necessary that they are potty trained but by this time they should be ready to undergo potty training..


A little independence is a key for pre-schoolers. During the early childhood years, the playschool teaches your child to independently perform tasks. They learn to follow instructions without needing constant redirections.


Being able to concentrate is another major milestone for toddlers that is learnt before they enter Nursery. Most preschool activities span is 10-20 minutes. If your tot is now able to concentrate for a span of 3-5 minutes, then you know he is preschool ready.

Emotional and social readiness

Children should be able to separate with parents without much anxiety. It can take a few days to settle when the transition happens but the child will eventually get comfortable with new faces. The ability to distinguish between known and unknown people itself is a sign that your child is developing social and emotional stability.


Children need a lot of physical and mental energy for preschool. They should be in a routine to wake up early, have breakfast, get ready and go to school. Children who already attend playgroups or toddler program will have easy transition to nursery as they are actively engaged already.


Communication here doesn’t mean speaking in full sentences. The child should be able to communicate his needs in simple ways like sign language, broken sentences, and the right expression so the receiver understands what she/he is trying to convey. Being able to understand basic words and instructions will make your child ready for preschool.

Physical development

To thrive in a pre-school,your child needs basic gross motor & fine motor skills. Your child should be able to kick and throw a ball, , able to scribble holding crayons with five fingers, string beads, lace, turn pages of book etc.


Taking care of personal needs is a sign that your child is independent and growing. At this stage, if your child is able to indicate toilet needs, care their belongings, and interact with people, show personal likes and preferences and much more alike indicates his readiness for preschool.

If your child is already going to playschool, then based on end-of-the-year assessment given in the toddler program, you can understand the readiness of your child. If your child cannot do everything on this list, it does not mean that he/she is not ready for Nursery. In fact it will allow you and the preschool teachers to actively facilitate the readiness by ensuring that your child participates in activities that develops the appropriate skills required to help optimal learning.

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Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

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Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

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