Benefits of Mud Play for your preschooler!

Published on January 3, 2017

Oh, the mud joy!

Children long to be exuberant and messy. And parents voice out concerns about the appropriateness of being messy. Parents, when you look at the benefits, you’re sure to embrace the mess and the joy your child feels.

Reasons why we should let kids play in the mud

1) He/she feels happy

You might have observed that playing in the mud lifts up the mood of children. Did you ever wonder the connection? Studies says that mud/dirt contains bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae which increases the levels of seratonin in our brains, helping to relax, soothe and calm.

2) Builds immunity

“Exposure to dirt builds immunity that will provide lifelong protection.” So you don’t have to be a cleanliness freak all the time. However, you should set some rules like- washing hands after playing in the mud or before consuming food and no consumption of mud

3) Medium for learning

Mud involves the use of multiple senses. When you use such as a medium to teach, the learning is internalized quickly as all the senses are well stimulated. Another reason is that the release of serotonin that occurs when playing in mud helps to improve cognitive function. This is how it works- If it’s messy, it is confusing and the play constantly changes. This gives the child a chance to re-think and re-create.

4) Enhances skills

Little does the dirt diggers know that the messy play is actually enhancing their skills. You can look at setting up a corner for mud play where the child can pretend play and have various other plays. Just provide the age-apt play tools like shovels, small rakes, buckets, and water. The child will get excited to use all the equipment thereby developing large and small muscles and improving balance, self-control and coordination skills. Not just this, but it inspires social skills such as cooperation, communication, and sharing as they work together.

5) Open-ended play

Mud is something that we can mold, sieve, decorate and do so much more, such that no child can get disinterested. While a toddler can have sensory experience (the sensation of mud between their fingers and toes,) the preschoolers will have diverse experiences. They can evolve the play, by making mud blocks, digging treasure, making tunnels and have a much more organized play.

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Rashmi S, M/o Arya (4.4yrs) & Arjun (3.5yrs)

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Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

Ms Sharadha, M/o Lavith, Nursery

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