6 Ways Remote Learning Helps With Social Interaction

Published on June 10, 2020

Kids thrive on human interactions, especially when this interaction happens with kids of their age. Social interaction plays an integral role in early education and shapes your little human in so many wonderful ways. However, at a time like this, when all of us are staying indoors to keep safe during a global pandemic, maintaining social interaction can be particularly difficult. For young children, this means staying away from school and not getting to interact with their friends. However, this problem can be resolved by signing up for remote learning, a unique learning experience that is proving to be tremendously useful right now.

There are many ways that remote learning helps children learn and one important benefit of remote learning when going to a traditional school isn’t possible is that it allows for social interaction. For young children who are still at an age where they are learning to form friendships outside of their family, remote learning is essential as it gives them the opportunity to continue to build their social skills. Firstcry Intellitots is a school that is determined to give its students the best, even in the current situation. This includes creating a curriculum that will help young kids transition to remote learning. From interactive online live sessions to interesting offline activities, Firstcry Intellitots is giving parents a relief from constantly having to come up with ways to keep their kids engaged. If you are a parent concerned about your little one’s lack of social interaction, keep reading to find out how remote learning is the perfect solution for this problem.

Social Emotional Development

Helps in Social-Emotional Development

According to the psychologist Lev Vygotsky, it is through social interaction that young children learn cognitive function and behaviour that is relevant to their society. Hence, social interaction has an impact on how your child learns and becomes a part of society. With your little one stuck indoors, working on her social skills isn’t easy, and remote learning is here to help you! It allows for your little one to connect with her peers and continue working on her social-emotional development. This will lay the foundation of her future friendships and help her develop emotional attachments with people outside the family.

Builds Social Skills

For young kids, every interaction they have shapes how they behave and learn to communicate with people. While they are usually surrounded by older family members, going to school and interacting with kids their age, is a completely new experience for them. It teaches them a different way of communication and adds to their social skills. For your little one, remote learning will do the same. It will help her meet and interact with kids her age and learn from them, even though she can’t play with them on the school playground. The change in scenery might even bring your child closer to her friends as she will begin to understand their value at a time when she can’t go out and meet new people.

Develops a Sense of Belonging

It’s a confusing time for humankind, especially kids, as they don’t understand why they can’t go out and play in the parks or go to school and meet their friends. With so many questions and a lot of energy, kids are bound to be a little restless. With digital learning, they will not only continue their education but also get to meet kids and form friendships. These friendships and their classes will give them a sense of purpose and help them form a community. You may wonder if your child understands these aspects of remote learning, but it will definitely help. You’ll soon start hearing stories of what her friends did during the live sessions.

Ways Remote Learning Helps With Social Interaction

Forming Friendships While Keeping Safe

When going to school isn’t an option; remote learning lets your little one form friendships while staying indoors and keeping safe. Although it will take them some time to adapt to this new set up, kids are super tech-savvy and will soon start making friends. The live sessions that are part of Firstcry Intellitots are designed to be highly interactive making it easier for your little one to bond with her peers.

Makes Learning More Fun

We all know that the best part of school life is the friendships that we make. Friends at school make learning so much fun just by being a part of this shared experience. That is exactly what you will be giving your child when you sign up for a remote learning program– a chance to form friendships that make school and lessons something to look forward to. When she gets to share what she’s learning with friends her age, her experience of learning will be more enriching and memorable. She will also actively participate in her classes and take an interest in learning new things.

Allows for Family Bonding

A child’s social-emotional development begins at home, surrounded by her parents and other family members. When the entire family is at home and looking for ways to keep themselves busy, remote learning comes to the rescue. For instance, Firstcry Intellitots’ unique SPARKZ curriculum has lots of engaging at-home activities that require parents to guide their little one. This will not only help your little one learn new skills, but also let you spend quality time with her. Being involved in her day-to-day activities is bound to bring the entire family closer.

Many things may have been paused due to the spread of the coronavirus, but your little one’s education shouldn’t be one of them. Her education will play a critical role, especially in the current situation where everyone is seeking a new normal. Remote learning may seem a bit daunting to some people. However, it will help keep your little one engaged in a healthy manner. It will also help her stay connected with people and form friendships even from a distance. Keeping up with the current situation, Firstcry Intellitots has designed a curriculum for remote learning to make it easier for parents and kids to navigate this new style of learning. Once your kid settles into this new set up, making friends and interacting with her teachers will become the best part of her day.

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