10 Steps to Teach Good Manners to Your Child

Published on February 20, 2015

Good manners are not taught only in schools or any religious places, they are also taught in the home. Every parent wishes their children to be polite using the words like “thank you” and “please”. Teaching children good manners is not a very tough task; understanding the basis of good manners will help you teach your children acquire them.

1. Be a Role Model

Children are like sponges; they soak up everything and get influenced easily. It is very important on how you behave. You should be kind, gracious, and truthful if you expect your children to be the same. They look up to you, and your behavior reflects on your children.

2. Give them the 5 Words

“Thank you”, “Please”, “May I …”, “Excuse me”, and “Sorry” – these are the primary words that you should introduce in your kids’ vocabulary. Use these words when your kids are as young as only 6 months old. Help them master these words at an early age.

3. Make Them Practice at Home

You should not expect your children to be well mannered all of a sudden in public. They have to practice the same at home to get engaged in the role. They will take time to have lots of practice in the fine art of social graces.

4. Give Them Positive Reinforcement

Motivate their good manners by praising them. Mostly, parents respond only to their kids’ bad behavior, ignoring the positive actions and the good manners they show at times. Kids want attention; it is better if you give them when they are doing good things.

5. Teach them to Wait for Their Turn

When you are talking, you should teach them to wait and listen to what you say, and then when you pause, then they have a chance to speak. Similarly, when they speak, you should not interrupt and be a good listener just as you expect them to be when you are talking.

6. Correct them on the Spot but Politely

Do not pile up a list of bad manners and burst them all at a time. Your kids do not have the power to grab so much information at once. It is always better to rectify them if they have gone wrong right at that moment politely and clear the situation. This is more effective.

7. Mind Your Language

Never ever use abusive language in front of your children – it is a strict “no-no.” Even if you catch your kids using any unpleasant words, take a moment and talk to them, tell them not to use the word again and ask them to be sorry as well. Remember to be well-spoken yourself.

8. Teach Them Table Manners

Teach your kids the most important table manners like keeping a napkin on the lap, elbows off the table, do not eat with mouth opened, do not make noise while eating, do not talk while chewing, etc. at an early stage. Teach them how to set a table for a family dinner when they grow up a little.

9. Teach Your Children to Be Sensitive

Being sensitive is one of the most valuable qualities and can be taught at an infant age. Sensitive children know how to respect, they care for others’ feelings, they understand the value of sharing – these will naturally help them become a well-mannered person.

10. Learn to Coach

Assist your children to set goals in their life and a time limit for them. Set the rules as well. Help them work on their goals. Keep them motivated and encouraged. Teach them real-life values as they grow up. Keep no stones unturned to coach them to be a good person if life.

Do not expect changes in your children overnight. Be patient, give them time, keep teaching the moral values every day, listen to them, talk to them, never fail to show love and trust and watch in years how your kids have turned out to be such a good-mannered person.

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